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About the water tower

The construction of the water tower began in 1911 and since then has a long history. Read more about this below.

Trelleborg Water tower

The start of the last century was a time of intense construction in Trelleborg. The city was about to approach 10,000 inhabitants and the new technological advances also took place in Trelleborg. Water and gas were, if not, man's property at least available to the more affluent in the city's central parts

The construction of the Water Tower began in 1911. Since Trelleborg lacks heights and slopes, it had to be built on the ground on the ground. The place that the rulers chose was the northeastern part of what was then called New Square, to the ski slope from the Old Square. Architect was Ivar Tengbom who eventually became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts 1916-1920, Director General and Head of the Building Board 1924-1936. Ivar Tengbom also designed the Högalidskyrkan and the concert hall in Stockholm and died since 1968, 90 years old. The house was built on contract by Trelleborgs builder NP Rosenlund, the offer ended at SEK 52,800. 

With its 58 meters, the water tower was the city's tallest building. Then the actual sphere is included which extends three meters up from the copper-clad roof. The spiral is adorned by two bullets, the upper 40 centimeters in diameter, the lower 60 centimeters. Between these two balls it is around one meter.

The water cisterns held 300 cubic meters of water and were pushed up through a nine-inch thick tube. The top of the cistern was 42 meters above the street level and the floor on which it rested at a height of 32 meters

Next to the Water Tower, the city council planned to build a market hall. This was also designed by the young architect Tengbom from Stockholm. The building was 47 meters long, 14 meters wide and stretched westwards from the water tower. The proposal, in the form of a plaster model, was exhibited for general viewing in a shop window at BG Lundgren's bookstore. However, the market hall never came to be built.

During the Second World War, the water tower was used as a lookout tower for search for enemy flights. At the top of the tower, landmasters sat and looked south, out over the sea. In the middle of the 1970s, the Water Tower was allowed to act as an attachment point when the air acrobat group Oscanitruppen had a show at Stortorget. From one of the balconies one of the cowardly women and the men went out on a thin line, stretched over the square.

The water tower was taken out of service in 1971 when the city's new water tower on the north was inaugurated.

A few years ago, a pavilion was built east of the tower in order to expand the serving that takes place in the tower's bottom floor. On the second floor there are a lot of nice murals preserved, many of them with Viking motifs.

During the late autumn of 2004, the balconies of the Water Tower were renovated.

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